16 things Jeremy Corbyn has said and done that prove he’s a dangerous man 

Election Day is around the corner. Jeremy Corbyn has a real chance to become our next Prime Minister. We need you to spread the word to your friends and family. So, read this article and share it today.  

Has any party leader in history been more dangerous than Jeremy Corbyn?  

We set out to answer that question.  

Here’s our (incomplete, not-at-all-comprehensive-but-still-terrifying) list of 16 things Jeremy Corbyn has said or done that prove just how unfit he is to be our next Prime Minister (and a reminder how important it is that we tell our friends to vote).  

Jeremy Corbyn literally:

1. Invited muslim hate preacher Sheikh Raed Salah to tea in parliament after the UK tried to deport him. 

2. Called Salah an “honoured citizen” after he called for a ‘global caliphate’ and said ‘Allah will grant us victory’. 

3. Called terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah 'friends'.

4. Refused 5 times to condemn murders by the IRA when questioned during an interview with the BBC. 

5. Said that terrorists should "not necessarily" serve their full prison term after the London Bridge attack.

6. Sat on the editoral board of a magazine that praised the IRA’s Brighton bombings.

7. Voted against airstrikes on Islamic State.

8. Attended a wreath ceremony for members of the terrorist group who carried out the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre

9. Said he's 'not happy' with UK police or security services operating a shoot-to-kill policy.

10. Was ‘appalled’ after Labour shadow foreign secretary Hillary Benn made a speech in favour of airstrikes against the Islamic State.

11. Had such close ties with the IRA that MI5 opened a case file on him. 

12. Attended rallies honouring IRA terrorists.

13. Accepted £20,000 to appear on the Iranian regime propaganda TV channel which is banned in the UK.

14. Rushed to the defence of a cleric who blamed Israel for 9/11 after the Church of England reprimanded them.

15. Insisted the Soviet Union was "no real threat" and North Korea is "not a rogue state" in a 2003 book.

16. Called the assassination of Osama bin Laden a "tragedy".  

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