Sign The Petition: Scrap The BBC Licence Fee

Scrap The BBC Licence Fee

“Fairness”... that’s the word the BBC used to describe their decision to take away free TV licences for over-75s.  

Meanwhile, their new £32 million Scottish channel attracted zero viewers for more than 20 programmes.  

There isn’t much “fairness” in the BBC wasting MILLIONS on a channel that no-one watches, and then to scrap free TV licences for over-75s.  

There isn’t much “fairness” in Gary Lineker earning £1.7 million.  

There isn’t much “fairness” in Chris Evans earning £1.6 million.  

And there isn’t much “fairness” in Andrew Marr earning £400,000.  

Outrageous might be a better word.  

That’s why we’re launching a new petition: “Scrap The BBC Licence Fee”.  

Please add your name to our petition TODAY, we’re delivering a list of signatures to BBC’s headquarters this week.  

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